Pesikta D'Rav Kahana

What does this service mean to you?

Our study of the ancient manual for preaching and teaching, Pesikta D'Rav Kahana, continues throughout the winter.  Philosophical questions mingle with stories and energizing discussions about the many facets of the celebrations of the Jewish calendar.

Including time for minhastudymaariv and havdala,

Saturday afternoon services last about 75 minutes.

Drop in to any or all sessions!

Come and join Rabbi David Weiner in an ancient yet timeless conversation!

Schedule - See Calendar Sidebar "Saturday Evening Minyan"

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Current Social Action

Berkshire Organizing Committee

Congregation Knesset Israel is proud to participate in the Berkshire Organizing Committee. Together with our neighbors in several faith communities across the county, we are strengthening the fabric of civic life and working towards meaningful social change to alleviate poverty in the Berkshires. This effort is just beginning, so please consider joining in... The day is short, and there is much work to do.

Service Times

For holidays, consult calendar. To ensure a minyan, please contact us one week in advance.
8:45 am, 7pm
7am, 5:45pm or *Shirei Shabbat 5:30
9:30 a.m. & Minha varies seasonally


Shirei Shabbat Schedule

Please join KI for our lively, musical shabbat celebrations and volunteer-prepared dinners.
Select Friday Nights, 5:30 p.m.
March 27

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