Grade 4/5 Jewish History Through Maps

The fourth and fifth graders have been learning about Jewish history through the lense of geography. We have enjoyed 4 classes so far, and the enthusiasm and energy of this group makes each class full of surprises. 

Each session begins with a general geography review. Using a giant world map, we are focusing not only on locations that are central to what we are discussing each week, but also their relative locations, and basic map concepts. This warm-up allows the students to review what they have learned the previous week, and scaffold upon that foundation.

A new year and a new group in Junior Congregation

Every year, our group in junior congregation says goodbye to the seventh graders, as the newly established B'nei Mitzvah class moves upstairs.  For the first time in two years, we welcome new students into our youth service as well.  Six second and third graders joined our ranks, donning tallit and holding tabbed siddurs, beginning their journey towards their own b'nei mitzvah.  

To support this new group, my focus in these first few months is two-fold.